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This global, collaborative project was developed by educators at Graded - The American School of São Paulo as part of their grade 2 social studies community unit which focuses on the essential question: How do you know that you are part of a community? Using VoiceThread, students will share information about their community, highlighting culture. They will compare and contrast their community with others by viewing and commenting on i-Spy projects from other communities around the world. Higher order thinking skills will be applied as students analyze the community projects looking for clues related to culture (such as language, sports, foods, dress, art, celebrations, etc.) and geography (such as weather, landscape, etc.) that will help them determine the location of the community. The project map will include markers representing each community that can be explored to help students construct relationships between the community, city, state, country and continent. [learn more]

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The iSpy project is targeted at students in kindergarten to grade 3. It is a five week project that is now underway. Our group of participating schools are in the process of posting their projects now! Take a look at our project gallery and see if you and your students can guess the country in which the Voicethread was created. Look for cultural and geographic clues. Good luck!

Project Map

We have a group of 12 schools from 9 different countries.
Learn more about our school communities by clicking on the icons on the map.
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helsinki magnified by dronir on flickr