• Discuss the concept of community. Discuss different places you go in your community. What's important to your community? Brainstorm the key characteristics of your community with a focus on culture (e.g., food, language, dance, music, dress, celebrations, customs). (see teaching resources page for graphic organizer)

  • Discuss the types of pictures that could represent your community. Emphasize the need for clues to be embedded in pictures. Talk about how people, not just places could enhance the pictures.

  • Send a letter home to parents describing this project and asking for their support. Students and parents would work together to take pictures and email them to the teacher. Feel free to use the letter below written by the teachers at Graded School in São Paulo, Brazil as a model.

  • Introduce the project to the children. Show the project map. Brainstorm ideas for video greeting.

week of 10/8/2012


  • Create a video greeting and embed it in the project map.

  • Register for a voicethread account if you don't already have one. Collect and organize pictures into a class voicethread. Include one picture taken by each student.

  • Revisit project map with the children and watch other schools video greetings.
week of 10/15/2012

  • Share the class voicethread: demonstrate how to add audio to their picture and how to use the drawing tools.

  • Have students prepare a script for their (one) picture. (see teaching resources page for worksheet)

  • Record students comments.

  • Ask students to reflect on their work./Teachers assess work. (see teaching resources page for checklist/rubric)

week of 10/22/2012

  1. Go to the MyVoice tab in Voicethread and find your project.
  2. Click on the menu gear in the bottom right corner of the project
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. On the very bottom of the window, click on the Publishing button.
  5. Be sure that Allow anyone to View and Allow anyone to Comment boxes are checked.
  6. Click the Embed button, then click Copy this.
NEW deadline:
Wed, 10/31/2012
  • View and share the VoiceThreads projects from all communities with your class. In small groups have students comment on these projects and guess the community using clues in project to guide them. (comment starters can be found here)

Begins 11/1/2012
week of 11/5/2012