What is the Project Gallery?

The project gallery displays the VoiceThread projects produced by the schools participating in this project. It is divided into 4 smaller galleries: blue, green, yellow, and red. Each small gallery consists of 12 projects. All galleries showcase at least one project from each participating country.

What should we do in the Gallery?

The gallery is designed for classes to learn about communities in other parts of the world. Students should view and add comments to the VoiceThread projects in the gallery. Comments should focus on the similarities and differences between communities as well as cultural and geographical clues. Guiding questions for comments are:
  • How is this picture similar to my community?
  • How is this picture different than my community?
  • What cultural clues are in this picture?

After viewing a VoiceThread, students should guess in which country the community is located by taking the survey next to the project. They can look at the project map before they answer the survey. Once they take the survey, students can see what others thought by looking at the survey results. Finally, students can click on the links that gives them the answer. We hope these features and immediate feedback will add to the learning and enthusiasm for participating in the project.

The following worksheet is designed to guide students through this activity.

Which Gallery Should my School Use?

Use the following table to determine in which gallery your class/school should work. You are welcome to look at ANOTHER gallery after you have viewed and left comments in the projects in your assigned gallery. You will find your project among the projects in your gallery!



Blue Gallery

  • Graded - Jibbens
  • Shanghai Community International School - Wiser
  • Lincoln Community School - class 1
  • American International School of Mozambique - class 1
  • Barstow School - class 1
  • Barstow School - class 3
  • St. Ignatius of Antioch School - class 1
  • Staten Island Academy - class 4

Green Gallery

  • Graded - Mendonça
  • American School of Warsaw - LaQuay
  • Shanghai Community International School - Watt
  • Shanghai Community International School - Watene
  • Dalat International School
  • Escuela Campo Alegre - class 1
  • Orchard School - class 1
  • Busan International Foreign School - class 1
  • Staten Island Academy - class 1

Yellow Gallery

  • Graded - Koizumi
  • American School of Warsaw - Horner
  • Shanghai Community International School - class 2
  • Shanghai Community International School - class 6
  • Lincoln Community School - class 2
  • Escuela Campo Alegre- class 2
  • Oliver School - class 1
  • Orchard School - class 2
  • Staten Island Academy - class 2

Red Gallery

  • Graded - Sanchez
  • American School of Warsaw - Laffay
  • Shanghai Community International School - Klump
  • American International School of Mozambique - class 2
  • Escuela Campo Alegre - class 3
  • New Maryland Elementary School - class 1
  • Barstow School - class 2
  • Orchard School - class 3
  • Staten Island Academy - class 3